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The company Technical and commercial centre jsc.(TKC) was founded on 27th of June 1995.

Besides, the company has opened its official representations and affiliated firms in the following countries:

  • Russian federation
  • Slovak republic
  • Bulgaria
  • Hungary

Further, the company officially represents the following firms on the territory of the Czech Republic:

  • AVIACOR and all of its affiliated companies (producer of TU-154 aircrafts)
  • KNPP Kazan – producer of MI helicopters
  • NPO Saturn – Rybinsk (engines D-30KU-154)
  • Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Ufa aggregate enterprise GIDRAVLIKA"
  • ZAO Omchas – Moscow (oil and grease)

Activity of the company TKC on 99 % makes area of aviation engineering, and the main trends of activity are as follows:

  • deliveries of aircrafts, helicopters and aircraft engines
  • deliveries of spare parts and aggregates for aviation engineering
  • providing repairs of aircrafts, helicopters, aircraft engines and aggregates
  • providing extension of inter-repair life time of aviation engineering
  • providing service and modernization of aviation engineering in conditions of the maintaining organization
  • providing training of flight and ground personnel of maintaining organizations
  • providing operation, repairs, modification and modernization of all Russian-made transport aircrafts (An-24, An-26, An-30, Tu-134, Tu-154B2, Tu-154M, IL-76, JAK-40), helicopters (Mi-8, Mi-17, and Mi-24) and other matters connected with operation of aviation engineering
Regions of activity:
  • Russia, Belarus, the Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Slovak republic, Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, England, Holland, Denmark, Italy, the USA, Cuba, Peru, Brazil, Bangladesh, Vietnam, China

The firm TKC has cooperated with the following companies:

  • Allied Signal, Boeing, Universal Avionics, Rockwell Collins, B/E Aerospace, Sicma Aero Seat, Harries, Hella, Balkan, Malev, Aeroplex of Central Europe, Slovak airlines, in Russia – Aviakor (service and production of TU-154 aircrafts), ANTK Tupoleva (designer of Tu aircrafts), Moscow helicopter plant M.L. Mila (designer), KNPP helicopters Mi (production and modernization of Mi-8/17 helicopters), Samara Airlines, IDF Airlines, all plants of aviation industry in Czech and Slovak republics, Czech Airlines (the company TKC was the main supplier and the partner of Czech Airlines concerning operation of Russian aircrafts and engineering, and also delivered oil and grease for aviation area)